To Blog or Not to Blog

Do you really need a blog?

Well obviously, if your primary intent is to blog, it’s a given, but what about otherwise? A lot of the time, we are asked if we can set up a blog for clients on their new web site. Naturally, we can, but then the question is “do you really want or need it?”.

The Good

A blog can be very useful for your business. There are benefits for your SEO and Google Rankings, and you can also communicate with your clients and customers through it. We create the majority of our sites on the WordPress platform which was actually designed specifically for blogging (but has grown into so much more).

The benefits of blogging for your SEO and indexing are great. For every new article that you write, so long as it’s on topic with your business, it’s likely that you will be adding more and more keywords and content that will in time boost your Google rankings.

Furthermore, you can create articles that contain information that is useful to your clients not limited to “why they should choose you”, “frequently asked questions”, latest announcements and so much more. This can actually save you a great deal of time! You can even do promotions for your business with this tool.

Being proactive and writing up a useful article can save you hours of time in responding to duplicate questions. For instance, when posed with a frequent question, you could simply point your client to a link to your blog article. Not only is it helpful, but it really gives the impression of professionalism – that you’re really on top of your game.

The Bad

There is a down side though. If you do not have the time or interest in keeping it up to date, your blog will really show it. When you go to a sites blog and the most recent update is back in 2014.. or even early 2017 for that matter, it raises the question “are these guys still even in business?”. It can actually have a negative impact.

The Verdict

Blogs are very useful tools for numerous reasons, but if you’re unable or unwilling to commit to frequent posts, then it’s probably best to steer clear for now. Perhaps just consider a static page with information or FAQ’s. Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on how to best write a blog post to compliment your SEO and indexing.

Either way, Mayner Digital can help you set up your Web Site with or without a blog, providing you guidance on the best avenue for you.

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