10% Commissions for Referral Partners

Mayner Digial is currently looking for new Referral Partners in the UK and Australia.

Following on from the discussion in our previous article: A New Work Model For a New Era, we are seeking self motivated individuals who are free to work for themselves whilst finding us qualified business where people are in need of:

  • Web Design;
  • Web Development;
  • IT Consulting; and
  • Web Hosting.

There is no minimum or maximum time required. What we need from you is to find people who have a genuine need for our services, and your reward will be 10% of all related final invoices when paid. It’s really just that simple.

It does not matter if you’re a professional BDM working for yourself in another field, working for someone else in an office or even an existing client. If you know someone in need of our services and are willing and able to send them our way, you’ll get 10% of the invoice. These could be people within your own large network of friends and associates or simply someone you meet… you could even notice a web site in bad repair and contact them to suggest our services.

Furthermore, if you are just looking to engage in our services yourself and don’t know anyone else who needs assistance, we’ll give you the 10% commission (a 10% discount) on your own job just to make it all fair 🙂

If you’re looking to broaden your avenues of income streams, or would just like a 10% discount on your own services, get in touch today so we catch up and give you a brief.

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