A New Work Model For a New Era.

We live in the information age – the digital era. While many tasks still require humans to go to a specific place and perform a specific function, many do not. At Mayner Digital, our bread and butter, our passion is in technology, innovation and embracing the new. Is the conventional workplace still necessary or relevant? What about a career in the conventional sense? We think not…

For those of us lucky enough to  work in the digital space, it really is a no-brainer. There really is no requirement to turn up to a conventional office or workplace to do the work that you can do on practically any computer with an internet connection. Most of our applications are now browser based, as are our word processors, customer relationship management systems, design tools, project management tools and of course – the websites that we design and develop.

So if we no longer need to turn up to a conventional workplace… what about the conventional workplace (employment) agreements? Do we even need those anymore? Are we in the business of trading time for money and vice versa, or are we in the business of excelling in our area of expertise, and helping others achieve the outcomes that they seek with our assistance? We think the latter, and in that, it really allows for a complete shift in the way we run a business.

At Mayner Digital we pride ourselves on innovative thinking and problem solving. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of new technologies including blockchain and cryptocurrency (yes, we still accept crypto payments regardless of the “bear market” at present). We also pride ourselves on our business model which at it’s core is based on:

  • Excellence;
  • Collaboration;
  • Commitment;
  • Determination;
  • Innovation;
  • Independence; and
  • Freedom.


We strive to do the best that we can in our area of expertise – especially web design, web development and hosting. To achieve this, we recognise that we don’t know everything and likely never will. In this recognition, it creates the space to continue to learn and grow new skills – for everyone in the team. In seeing what we don’t know, we can then learn, then learn some more. This also allows anyone to step up with complete comfort and say “I don’t know” – and then, as a team, we can all work together – collaborate in finding the best solution… The most Excellent Solution (yes… it’s a Bill and Ted reference).


There is no “I” in T.E.A.M… You can achieve so much on your own, and be really proud of that. But you can achieve so much more collectively with people of the same mindset. Collaboration is key to ultimate success. To share ideas, thoughts, solutions. To not just sit around a table listening in on a meeting where you know the ultimate decision is going to be made by someone else, and begrudgingly actioning that despite feeling your own idea is better. It’s important that in a team, everyone is not just heard, but UNDERSTOOD. That their point of view is really SEEN. This is where so many gems are hidden – in the failure to see another point of view for ones own rigid mindset. Mayner Digital is a team of experts from all over the globe who respect each-other’s knowledge, skills and achievements. We listen, share and learn together. We collaborate so as to achieve the best outcomes possible for all involved – making what others may call “work”, enjoyment, satisfaction and fun.


We are committed to providing the best possible results for each-other and for our clients. We are not dollar driven (we do still need to eat and live of course). We’re in the business of helping – which makes it so much easier than being purely transactional. The place we can help with most is in IT, Web Design, Web Development and Hosting. We solve problems, providing and implementing solutions – and we are committed to doing so in a timely, helpful fashion – and furthermore – within the best budgetary constraints that can be achieved.


Rarely does Exellence, Collaboration and Commitment occur without real Determination. Rarely does positive change, nor innovation occur without determination. It is that determination to succeed in the areas that we are passionate about that allows us to achieve – to live and work by our core values. When we are determined, we grind and we grind hard. There are long (but deliberate and productive) meetings, long hours, and possibly a few arguments along the way, and brain wracking. Our team has the determination to achieve results promised and achieve the excellence in our results.


This world is moving so quickly within the digital age. A number of our team members can remember the days before mobile phones or the internet for that matter. A lot has changed, and to keep up, we must be innovative in our thinking AND actions. It does not have to be ground breaking stuff. Many people think innovation has to be some out of this world idea, but it really can be as simple as a screw leg leveler for the pesky wobbly table. That said, we are looking at what is going to be a quantum shift in the world once again with breakthroughs in quantum computing technology and artificial intelligence. The world is also only just beginning to understand the implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency. There is a lot of space for continual innovation and one place for us is in our adoption of cryptocurrency.


All of the aforementioned ties together here. We are not just in the business of web and IT stuff. We’re in the business of life. Of living a rich, fun, fulfilling and rewarding life. We want that for all those in our team, and those who we cross paths with. Part of this comes from not just working, but living by these core values and in that, comes independence. We believe that it’s of the utmost importance that all of our team members have independence – to work, earn and live independently. It’s only when one has achieved independence, that it is possible to collaborate effectively in an INTERdependent relationship or environment. Independence allows each individual to live and work the way that best suits them – to achieve their own ultimate happiness and thus – productiveness.


This is one of the most important things in life. Freedom to come, go, be, think, live, love, laugh, work, play… We do not want to “trap” any of our team members into a contractual agreement that takes away from their freedom. Any collaborative work must be a choice. A choice to strive towards Excellence, to Collaborate effectively and show Commitment to the team and clients, to use Determination to succeed as we Innovate new and better solutions. All the while, being Independent and Free.

Bringing it together

So how does this model work? We don’t seek to be a big time employer with a big rulebook (many on our team have “been there, done that”). Influenced by Buddhism, we provide a guide. One that nobody HAS to follow, but we believe that those who SEE for themselves how powerful and positive it can be are likely to be inspired to work together with our team.

Every member of our team is independent but also interdependent. We encourage everyone we work with to partner with us, remaining their own independent person and business. We help them to free their mind of the conventional workspace and reach their own personal goals and potential in business. We share leads, work, workloads and profits with the stakeholders (team members) based on what is achieved. HOW the goals are achieved is largely irrelevant so long as it’s done ethically. For this, each member is free to live where they want, work from where they want, work as many or as few hours as they want, at whatever times of the day or week that suit them.

Obviously this model requires a lot of trust, subject matter knowledge and reliability – but those are all intertwined with the core values – you can’t have these qualities without adhering to the values. And when you think about it, these qualities are really what ALL employers really want from their employees – but they don’t usually afford the employee to set their own terms – it’s usually quite one sided… You do as you’re told, conform to the working environment as it is presented and your reward is some pay. If you fail to comply, you have a level of freedom – that being to go work elsewhere.

In Summary

We are very lucky to live in this incredible digital age. There is little need for a conventional workplace full of office cubicles in a 9-5 environment. There is no need to sign up to a conventional workplace agreement trading time for money. When we commit to the core values at Mayner Digital, we become Independent and Free. We are each the masters of our own destiny – How, Where and When we work, how much money we need and earn, how we dress or present ourselves to the world (we’re definitely tattoo, beard, piercing, jeans, tee shirt and LGBTI friendly).

All that matters for us and the team is that the work is done, and done with Excellence through Collaboration, Commitment, Determination and Innovation.

As a client, you can expect us to provide you with the best possible solutions to all your IT, Web Design, Development and Hosting needs – on time, within budget. Soon to be moving into app development and more, so watch this space.

If you are an IT professional, seeking to escape the conventional workplace and wish to find your independence and freedom, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. If you are a BDM or salesperson, your reward for qualified business is 10% of the final invoice. Our global team of Dedicated Professionals have plenty of tasks to share and we are always looking for new members of the team to help.


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